Sunday, April 11, 2010


Mnm seems to have woken up with a missing tooth.  The case of the missing tooth.... that I didnt' even REALIZE was THAT wiggly.  <-- supah mom

I'm pretty sure she ATE IT. in her sleep.  YUMMAY.   That's always fun for the system.   Hope it wasn't one of her vampire teeth.  That'll hurt  upon exit.  Okay not really . but still..  you know you thought about it. 

So anyways.   What I wanted to tell you all....  I've moved on from threatening present slash gifts blackball  with the big S. Claus.. to using and abusing Mizz Tooth Fairy.  In MY house.. Mizz. T Fairy is gettin 'er done ya'll! <-- best Texas accent

We chucked the toothpaste and have switched to Tooth Soap®.  Tooth Soap®  is wicked awesome stuff... but it IS an aquired taste for adults.  Imagine kiddos. 

So I had to be creative.  I pimped out MIzz T Fairy.  Oh yes I did. 

MNM-  uh - uh.. no way!  I'm not tryin that stuff. 
Supah-  ( sing song font)   I hear the this stuff gets your teeth REALLY cleannnnnn
I bet the TOOTHFAIRY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  likes REALLY clean teeth. I bet she'd leave you a little sumthin sumthing extra for your dedication to clean teeth!  * dramatic eye brow raise and shoulder shrug to reallly bring it home*

Mnm-  wheel$ turnin. 
Supah -  eye brow shrug again.... a little shake shake of the bottle . 

MNm.  -  Okay.  I'll do it. 

And thus began our love affair ... one child.. with TS.  
Yep Yep is still wayyyy pissed AT me for switching.    She said to me today:

:)  One day at a time. 

So MnM ate her clean tooth.  
She wrote the Tooth Fairy a note - detaling her efforts with Tooth Soap®  lol.  
Perhaps THIS time the TOOTH FAIRY won't FORGET to put it under her pillow and realize it 4 seconds before she wakes up, commando crawl to her bed and WHISPER FREAK OUT WHEN DBD BEGINS YELLING IN THE HALL WHILE undercover TOOTHFAIRY SUPAH is holding TOOTH IN HAND AND MONEY TOO.  

Tha'ts another story. :)


  1. We had another lost tooth last night at our house too....I preformed my commando-tooth-fairy visit admirably.....

    I am thinking that I will need to puree food again since that is the fourth lost tooth in just a few months....biting has become very difficult!

    Poor MnM she should get extra just for taking it upon herself to write that note!!

  2. I've had to do the commando tooth fairy crawl before, I almost always forget...until the very last minute. Course, my kids don't help they will forget to put their teeth there for days, LOL

  3. BTW, will you be on the tooth hunt???

  4. You know how I feel about the tooth fairy...

  5. I swallowed a tooth once. I think I got a little something extra under my pillow the next morning. Cuz my mom was good like that. Me - not so much. I tend to forget things.

    Coincidentally, my kids starting talking about the toothfairy as soon as I started reading this. Odd!

  6. LOL I love the sing song font! I have not yet used the tooth fairy to my advantage. WTH?!?!

  7. Farking hillarical! Ate her clean tooth.

    Too bad MNM, now you have to "find" your tooth and clean it with the TS in order for the tooth fair to accept it.

    My kids havent mumbled a word about the switch! and chocolate mint is the new FAVE!

  8. That is one way to get your kids to do something they don't want to do.

    You are so smart. I never would have thought of something like that.

  9. LOL!!!
    I love how you got her to try the toothsoap!

  10. Bwhahaha! You're a sly one, Supah! I, more often than not forgot until the morning and then told them they just didn't look good enough and went and flipped the pillow over and THERE! The money had mysteriously appeared!

  11. Too-th funny!

    Dh finally got adjusted to using Tooth Soap and loves it now. But, at first, he was like what the hell is this stuff? Now, though, he's a believer. ;)

  12. My nephew swalled his very first lost tooth. MY SIL is a freakshow and examined all his "business" to find it!!!! Nas-Tee!!! I say if you swallow it, that is worth extra!

  13. How sweet it is that Twitter's Tooth Fairy agrees with your Tooth Soap® idea. I do love clean teeth, and yup sometimes kiddos do swallow them, but can still leave me I.O.U. notes.

    Just remember to tell kidlets if the Toothfairy is "SEEN" her ~ Magic ~ disappears! That's why sometimes parents are caught in the act!! Putting the reward$ in a small Toothfairy pillow next to her head (NOT under her big pillow) makes the process a wee bit simpler.
    Good-bye, gotta FLY back to